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In Topic: EE/EET Mod Setup Tool

19 May 2018 - 09:57 AM

Roxanne: Since you also moved the Textpacks to new locations for the tool please consider this: http://www.shsforums...xtpack-english/


Why did you put the Textpacks in new locations?



Textpack is here http://www.shsforums...xtpack-english/

Nothing has been moved.


BWS-EE does not use this textpack at all because it contains fixes for old mods that are not relevant for EE anymore. The tool uses an own dummy textpack just in case future issues may arise and it may be needed one day. Easier to have this than to re-code some functions to re-install it.

The current official textpack - at least the english version - may cause damage to mods meanwhile updated for EE's.


One advantage of the EE Tool is that it gets independent of resources maintained by others, e.g. Fixpack or Textpack. You cannot change these resources because they are used by other tools like original BWS or BWP but you cannot use them because they are not properly maintained either. A dilemma that exists since a very long time and one of the hindrances I tried to remove. The dependency issues were some of the critical points discussed with Alien and others while building the concept for a new approach.


PS - any problems with official textpack for other tools need to be solved at the source.

If you take a look at the BWS code for BG2EE and EET you will see a large section at the top of InstallOrder.ini that deals with NOT using stuff that comes from the different outdated fix-packs.

In Topic: EE/EET Mod Setup Tool

12 May 2018 - 11:36 AM



Roxanne: Changing the support link of the EE(T) Setup Tool to your site, why? What use does it have, are you trying to take it away from the community and pretending it's yours just because you are supporting it currently? Don't tell me support from there is easier to handle for you in any way than it is from here.

Please restore / add the link to this thread. I guess it's a lot more useful to guide people here to an active IE modding forum where they can post questions and problems.


I can't open your site, btw, because I get a warning that it's not secure.

There seems again to be some misunderstanding.


BWS is the community tool you talk about, and nothing has changed there except for Alien's recent renovation and moving it  to github in hope to find new maintainers for it this way.


BWS-EE has been thoughtfully separated from it in order to allow more freedom and a possible development that cannot be done on the main branch. A number of functions and concepts have already been changed compared to BWS. You can translate EE either as "Enhanced Edition" or "Evolutionary Experimentation" (as in evolutionary prototyping, where you develop something, then present it to the user, then try to refine it based on feedback, etc.).


BWS was one step away from the grave until you took initiative. BWS-EE may or may not be another survival option. Since it his experimental, it may a well fail, no guarantee. This is why I followed Alien (Alienquake)'s advice the take it on a different fork and also to try and avoid any confusion between BWS and the (possible) alternative.


It is clearly wrong to accuse me of taking anything away from the community. I left BWS in the last working and functioning state it had - any subsequent changes were done by Alien and you. I started my experiments and new ideas about how the tool may work for EE/EET clearly separated from the main branch. There is no rippling back or influence from the new back to the old. BWS is safe from any negative effects in case I produce those. Anything should be done to avoid any confusion for users about the two different approaches to a tool even if they come from a common source.


We have avoided anything that would re-route BWS users to the BWS-EE, not even a link or similar was provided. There is no intention to compete or replace or whatever. All of my posts tried to make clear that it is the attempt to make primarily EET installs easier for the users.


The community BWS is here http://www.shsforums...te-the-program/ just in case anyone doubts that.

In Topic: Sandrah: Imoen Mage or Thief

10 May 2018 - 12:46 AM

I was just curious, so I dashed ahead in SoD and in BG2 Imoen was a L1 Thief although with 500k XP!

As said before I use the Sandrah Mod !


Where is my Conjurer-Immi ?

Will I get her after Spellhold ?

Or is it something with CRE files IMOEN and IMOEN2 ??


(I will play the SoD campaign "legally" later ...)

If the wrong Imoen appears that might be a glitch from the savegame. I have seen it once or twice. It should not happen with Sandrah.

I propose, if you play "legally", make a dedicated save before you go into the SoD transition. If y wrong Imoen should appear, it can be repaired from there.

In Topic: Sandrah: Imoen Mage or Thief

09 May 2018 - 10:48 PM



During Sandrahs Saga, will Imoen stay a Mage or will she become a Thief in SoA ?


There is no special treatment for this. Everything follows the EET concept of continuous NPCs.

This means whatever choice you made in BG1, including Sandrah mod option or not, will be sustained in SoA. The Candlekeep dialogue is just a choice for the initial setting, nothing more. The remainder follows all the game rules. If you made her a mage by that choice, she should remain that unless you dual-classed her at some time or did other changes.

Note that the non-joinable SoD Imoen is an own creature and not following the continuity - again, that is inherited game behaviour neither touched by EET mod or Sandrah mod.


In Topic: EE/EET Mod Setup Tool

09 May 2018 - 11:39 AM

I'm playing with this tool to learn how to better operate it and just have a quick silly question.  I have an install I'm working on right now and as I'm going through I'm researching the mods and stuff as I go along.  I have been working on it over the last two weeks when I get time off work so I save the selections where I'm at and close the tool, I then restart the tool when I come back to it, using the "update" option.  Two things actually:


#1 where is the file that stores the "saved" info for Mod choices?  I assume it's kind of like a compilation that just hasn't been done yet, but other than re-loading it through the tool I'm working in is there an actual file with the info somewhere?  Something I could try to view and maybe replicate in a different instance of the tool I run as an experiment.


Since I'm still only reviewing Mod choices in the above scenario do I need to run the "update" version?  I haven't started installing anything.  Thanks for any insights you can provide.

I understand that you simply use the functions under *options* in the selection tree menu, the ones called "save selection" and "reload selection"?

The data is stored in a file *user.ini* which you find in the BWS-EE/App/Config/ folder.


For your purpose I suggest not to use this, because it is overwritten each time you start a new session like you describe.

It may be better to use another option from the same pull-down menu called *Export selection to file* which opens a file manager menu that allows you to name that version how you like it and store it for your further use. You can make snapshots of your selections this way and reload a former one if you were unhappy with what you did. You can create a number of ini files this way for later reuse.

Using this method, you are already halfway to creating a Collection. Once you finished your experiments and solved all issues it may have, the final result will be your first Collection. You can always reload it or even share with others.


The default user.ini that you currently use is not what I would recommend because it is too easily overwritten by events you may not have intended and then all you work will be lost. Better to use the kind of snapshot ini-files I have described. You can just give them a date or version number for easy recognition.