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Today, 05:38 AM

Hello Roxanne,


I only wanted to ask, is there any progress with Bonehill?

Or have you abandoned the project ?


You havent uploaded a new version yet, so I assume, the project is really dead ?


I appreciate your assistance greatly;

sorry, that I cannot assist you more....

I have successfully tested part 1 of the mod and have returned to the Sword Coast.

The issue with the graphic files is solved.

All quests, dialogues, cutscenes, worldmap, journal entries, items etc worked perfectly for me.

I took Fabio along for that part as well and found no issue with him. He left party and stayed on the island just as intended in the mod.

All the fixes have been uploaded to github. When you download from there now, you will have the version I used (github can be updated immediately with all fixes I introduce.)

It will be some days until my game reaches part 2 and I can continue playing that part.

I am confident by now that all major issues have been fixed.

I have added the test version to EET compatibility list with the warning that it is still work-in-progress, so I hope some more people venture to test it and provide feedback.

In Topic: Mod Compatibility List for EET

16 November 2017 - 02:35 PM



Was the associated WED file also present in the override folder. NI needs it to properly lay out the tiles on the pvrz textures.
This may explain the NI issue: Because of the problem discussed earlier (the names of PVRZ files overlapping with EET file names), I did some steps - created the new Tis+PVRZ exporting them to a working directory. Renaming them. Putting them into override. Modifying the wed files to the new tis names. Testing it in game. So NI may have a problem with that. I assume this will all be correct if you do a proper mod install instead of development work. At least all my other several hundred Tis files from mods I made look fine.

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16 November 2017 - 02:12 PM



Sorry, I did not see your post before.
Yes, the renaming PVRZ and and updating references in the TIS files is what I am doing right now.. I tested it for some example areas, works fine. I now do the remainders.
Except for two files BH1000 and bH2201. There is something odd with those. It looks fine in the original version but gets the *EE horizontals* when converted to PVRZ?

[...] If you have a decent hex editor you could manually add some dummy tiles to the TIS files to make them work. BH1000.TIS requires one addition tile and BH2201.TIS requires four additional tiles.


This is exactly the type of thing PS_Tileset is designed to do.  Adding the missing tiles to both tilesets is a total of 3 function calls away.  If you upload both of the original tilesets for me, I can show you how.


Thank you for your offer.

Argent77 was faster and I tried his method meanwhile. Looks like it has worked.

I post a link to the files anyhow (too big for G3 attachment) https://www.dropbox...._Files.zip?dl=0, just in case you are interested to test your tool on them.

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16 November 2017 - 01:57 PM

There is another option by using NI's PNG export as an intermediate step:
1. Export TIS as PNG
2. Open Tools > Image to TIS... to export the PNG back into legacy TIS. Specify 4892 tiles for BH1000.TIS and 1591 tiles for BH2201.TIS.
3. Copy both resulting TIS into override folder and export them as PVRZ-based TIS.

The second step in combination with the third step ensures that extra tiles (such as open doors) are laid out correctly on the pvrz textures to further reduce graphical artifacts in the game.

I tried your method and it seems to have worked. The tiles are in a wild order when opening the TIS in NI but visiting the area in game it looks okay.

I hope it will work for others as well.

Thank you (once again) for your help.

In Topic: EET run glitch/bug with NPC dialogue and "fade in" issue

16 November 2017 - 01:25 PM

In summary

1. There are no issues in the cutscenes

2. There is no issue with player1 (Gaylan scene proves that),

3. Fade in and out works, it just never is triggered because of 4.

4. The joined dialogues start cutscene modus but do not trigger the cutscene itself >>> this is what you see.

5. Cutscenes triggered from external dialogues e.g. Irenicus or Gaelan have worked for you

6. EET_end converts ALL joined  dialogues (mod NPCs and vanilla) to be EET compatible


Install EET_end and try it with that. I cannot guarantee that it fixes everything that late in the game. It is the only thing to attempt because sooner or later your game will become unusable as it is, You will not be able to play ToB at all.