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In Topic: Add effect 206 for a not fixed spell, need weidu code

02 February 2018 - 01:11 PM

Ok, thanks Gwendoline, "STR_VAR resource = EVAL "%temp_spwi467%" END" is really good :)


And i use ALTER_EFFECT, as said by subtledoctor.


My code is now :

COPY    ~override/pxmprook.spl~                        ~override~  LPF ALTER_EFFECT STR_VAR match_resource = spwi430 resource = EVAL "%temp%" END

(spell is copied in the override before, because now it use spwi430, ready for IWDEE, and patched only on BG versions.)



Thanks to you two.

In Topic: How to change the projectile of a dart (personal projectile) ?

23 November 2016 - 11:48 AM

Ok, thanks,    WRITE_SHORT 0x9c ~%pxl2etoi%~  work :)


Just the same instruction as a spell projectile, I apologize

In Topic: Geomantic Sorcerer Kit

11 August 2016 - 08:31 PM



For the french EE version, the archive is here.

In Topic: Deratiseur's Unused Kits Pack V13 in english

10 August 2016 - 11:26 AM

There was errors in the tp2, not allowing to install 2 kits on IWDEE and bugging some animations on Sod.


This is corrected. The link point now to the updated archive, and this is a link for the corrected TP2 (the only file changed int he archive) : http://www.mediafire...Derats_kits.tp2

In Topic: Deratiseur's Unused Kits Pack V13 in english

01 August 2016 - 03:08 AM

Sorry no, each kit is detailed in his own specific readme.


The generic readme only list incompatibilities and thanks


if your really need details, here they are :

- half-orc fighter kit: the Bearer of Hate -> Protection from charm, "Intimidation", "Roar of rage" and "fist of fury" as special habilities

- ranger kit: the Hunter of Vermin -> Free action, immunity to poison and desease, can cure poison and summon vermins.
- cleric kit: the Preacher of Fire -> Playable as a mage: 30+ new fire spells, cannot heal, cure, restore nor raise dead.
- druid kit: the Master of the Swarm -> Many summon spells based on vermin and swarms, vermin polymorphy.
- thief kit: the Shadow Walker -> Poor combat capacities, cast spells from abjuration, alteration, illusion and divination schools as a sorcerer, "Aura of shadow", "Mantle of shadow" and "Shape of shadow" as special habilities (Near TSR 9492)
- wizard kit: the Sorcerer -> Sorcerer with fighter capacities. Quasi equal to a fighter/mage.
- mage (conjurer) kit (replaces the vanilla conjurer): the Savant Artilleryman -> Specialised in the "Magic missile" and "Mordenkainen force missiles" spells, cast upgraded versions.
- fighter dualed to a mage kit: the Warlord -> Start as a fighter. After dualed to a mage,cast spells in heavy armor, has augmented combat capacities, has is own combat focused spell panel.
- elf multiclass fighter/mage kit: The Bladesinger -> Cast spells in light armor, limited to 1 hand, gain -1 to CA per even warrior lvl (TSR 2131)
- human multiclass cleric/entropist kit: Theurgical Explorer. ->Cast spell in heavy armor, 5% power surge on cleric spells, special benefits from Azouth.


For the Blasinger, start as an elvish fighter

For the Theurgical Explorer, start as a human cleric

For the Sorcerer, on BG2/BGT, start as a wizard with at least 15 STR/DEX and set the specific player script to gain the kit. (On EE versions, you just have to select the kit under wizard selection)