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Might & Guile -- a tweak mod and kit pack for warriors and rogues

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Posted 24 September 2018 - 06:15 AM

When dealing with enemy NPCs, some of this can be abstracted.  Bioware, for example, coded most enemies with 9/9/9/9/9/9 stats, rather than give them real stats.  If they wanted the enemies to have combat bonuses that might simulate high STR, they just tacked on combat bonuses.  If they wanted the enemies to be harder to hit, they just changed their base AC.  So, the difficulty level of the game more or less is what it is - only in a few cases does it faithfully represent pitting you against enemies playing by the same rules as the player.


I don't feel the need to do it differently.  What will the player care whether some no-name enemy thief about to be slaughtered has chosen these feats or those feats?  Instead, I apply these in a very simple and uniform way:

- All enemy fighters get one of the combat stances.  They might knock you back, or they might knock you down, or they might have "Parry Slashing" and be unusually difficult to hit with your longsword.  This is applied randomly, and in my playtesting it works great - enemy mobs randomly do very annoying things that can disrupt the flow of my slaughtering them.  ;)

- All enemy thieves have the 'Fighting Dirty" feat... I think almost all of them use bladed weapons so this means they can Slow you briefly.  And all enemy thieves (as of the upcoming version) also have the Spell Evasion feat, meaning they will have an uncanny knack for surviving your fireballs and skull traps.


Most of the feats are actually passive bonuses, so when I get around to it I can look into applying more to thieves - maybe do it randomly like I do fighters.  Some will have higher backstab bonuses, some might have AC or thac0 or saving throw or Luck bonuses, some might have flaming weapons, or some kind of poison.  (Does the game ever have thieves try to poison you?)  Again, I don't feel the need to be too rigorous about this... something like, every thief will randomly get 2 out of 6 passive feats, plus Evasion and Fighting Dirty.


EDIT - also, this is not quite the same thing, but my other mod adds a stunning effect for shield bashing when you are specialized in S&S style.  SCS gives some enemies style specializations, which means some enemies carrying shields have a chance to stun you just for standing near them. 


Put all this together and even lowly trash mobs can hit you with Stun, Slow, Sleep, or Wing Buffet effects.  It's just a little bit extra to keep you on your toes, which I find very fun.


Oooh, maybe I should also give some called shots to enemies with bows... :devlook:

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Posted 24 September 2018 - 10:22 PM

Thanks subtledoctor, I feel your current implementation should be working fine. I was posting because the readme only covered a portion of your implementation, which worried me a little bit.

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