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[Poll] SoD banters via script VS dialogs

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Poll: SoD banters

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Should the SoD compaign use scripts for banters or dialogue files like other campaigns?

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#46 Roxanne



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Posted 22 March 2017 - 10:38 AM


A mod is now available for EET to solve the issue


SoD Banter Restoration


This mod converts the major banters of the continuous NPCs during SoD into *old-style* dialogues that interrupt the game and require player interaction. About 80 longer conversations during SoD are thus restored and maybe recognised by players for the first time. Many of them deserve larger attention.


It is here



This is very cool. But I notice that it is for EET only and it removes the voice-overs. Would you mind if I adapted it for non-EET SoD?


The main reason to create this mod was to maintain continuity across the different campaigns of EET. During SoD you should not feel like being in a different game all of a sudden. This situation does not exist in a separated game where each campaign has a different look and feel.


The issue is that there are no banter files in non-EET SoD. Of course you could use the existing files in BDDialog.2da for the BD-creatures. The reason I did it how I did it, is that in EET the non-SoD creatures continue to use their joined files. In EET/SoD you have a mix of BG1 imported NPCs and SoD creatures, a situation which does not exist in BGEE/SoD.


Feel free to use it for Non-EET as you like. But maybe a better way to do it is to extract directly the string references, thus making the mod available in more languages? For EET this does not work.


The non-EET version is a technically different mod, this is why I left this out (besides, I am not modding original bean dog games.)


PS - Voicing has been added.

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The Sandrah Saga

another piece of *buggy, cheesy, unbalanced junk*

#47 AstroBryGuy


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Posted 22 March 2017 - 08:02 PM

Thanks, Roxanne.


Original BG1 had some dialog-banters, and BG1NPC's added banters are dialog-style. So, the style change is apparent, even when not playing EET. Also, you still have the problems you mentioned of banters being hard to follow in the action, especially for Jaheira, who is unvoiced in vanilla SoD (and even the restored voicing in my JaheiraRecast mod is incomplete).


Good idea about the string references (plus that way it will work seamlessly with JaheiraRecast).

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