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SP collectoin not working right

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Posted 31 May 2016 - 02:12 AM

Other than the problems mentioned in this discussion and caused by the changes to kits introduced by 1.2 and later patches, there is an additional bug with the kit ARCHER OF SYLVANUS that affects Blackguards and prevents them from using most items (Dorn for example will be unable to use his personal sword or even his starting Mail). The issue is caused by the following usability hack (copy-pasting from a comment in the tp2 file):


// Unusability hacks
//Basically, making items unusable by a particular kit is a pain in the ass, unless it is the same as an existing kit.
//First, we're changing the Undead Hunter paladin kit to have the same restrictions as the base paladin class, since there are no items that are restricted to non-Undead Hunters. We're going to use the Undead Hunter kit unusability flag to our advantage. Basically, the Archer of Sylvanus will have the same restrictions as a druid plus Undead Hunter-kit restrictions, which we're going to set in non-allowed items. To allow the kit to use bows, we also need to make them available to the base class.
//One of the many problems to this approach is that it causes unexpected values for mods which interact with the Undead Hunter kit, which in turn may cause incompatibilities.

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