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SR V4 Beta 16

25 October 2018 - 08:07 PM

V4 Beta 16 is now released. It includes all of kreso's changes from b15 and a variety of bugfixes and compatibility improvements.

Thanks go out to kreso for b15, Bartimaeus for extensive bug reports and work in SRR, subtledoctor for coding up fixes, and Mad Mate for organizing everything on GitHub.

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Stacking Bonuses from Launchers and Ammo

01 October 2018 - 11:12 AM

A recent pull request from Mercurier has brought to light an issue that I think deserves further discussion.
We have the ability (in EE games) to make it so launchers can bestow their enchantment level (in terms of what can be hit) upon ammo that they fire.  This is something that Demi requested, though I don't know his whole plan.
Without this tweak, to hit a creature that needs +3 weapons to be hit, you would need to use ammo that's +3 or greater enchantment.  With this tweak, you could use either ammo that's +3 or greater enchantment or a launcher that's +3 or greater enchantment.
In addition to the enchantment change, Mercurier proposed removing the damage and THAC0 bonuses from ammo. Right now, both our launchers and our ammo gain THAC0 and damage bonuses from enchantment level, so it stacks (+1 shortbow with +1 arrows = +2 THAC0 / +2 damage). I don't know if that's best, but I think that completely removing the bonuses from ammo would render plain enchanted ammo almost entirely useless.  I'll quote our discussion below.

Conceptually, what do the plain +2/+3/+4 ammos provide if their THAC0 and damage bonuses are removed? There aren't too many creatures that require enchanted ammo to hit to justify hoarding them... and once you get an enchanted launcher, that bonus goes away as well. I don't know if this is what Demi intended to do. We probably don't want doubly stacking damage/THAC0, but they need to have some benefit over plain arrows.

Per PnP launcher and ammo enchantment (and the associated damage/thac0 bonus) should not stack, but the higher one takes precedence. Current EE engine provides limited support for this rule for the enchantment part (determining what the weapon can hit), but not for the damage/thac0 part. IMHO stripping off damage/thac0 from ammo could be a close approximation: players can still hit dragons/liches with +0/+1/+2 launcher plus +3 ammo, but will lost a little bit of damage/thac0, which I guess is not too big deal. A good application is using Strong Arm (+2) and +3 ammo to quickly takeout dragons.

Additional note here:
In my personal mod I changed Strong Arm to a non-magical short composite bow crafted by its original owner-- an ogre hunter. In player's hand it functions as a composite longbow requiring 19 str (+8 dmg) -- good at wiping off mobs yet requires rare ammo for serious boss fights.

This is a good example that an early game equipment gets extended utility during late game. Some players use weimer's item upgrade mod so that their beloved Celestial Fury gets extended utility. I envision this tweak will open the road for more flexible and innovative item designs.

Yeah, but the effect of this change is that the majority of the time, +1/+2/+3 ammo would function no differently from unenchanted ammo. Once you got a +2 weapon, +2 ammo would be worthless. I think it might be good to move this discussion to the forums.

What do you guys think?

Is doubly stacking THAC0/damage a problem? What solutions would ensure that more heavily enchanted ammo remained better than less heavily enchanted ammo?

If anyone can find prior discussion of these issues, linking those posts could help.

Discussion Threads

24 March 2018 - 05:26 PM

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Version 8 Now Available

03 October 2016 - 05:27 PM

This update contains EET compatibility and an updated Polish translation courtesy of Cahir.
You can download the latest version of Song and Silence in the download center or you can check it out on GitHub.
The full change log is below.
  • EET compatibility
  • EE item description formatting (en dash prefix in lists)
  • Updated WeiDU to v240
  • Updated Polish translation (thanks Cahir)

Windows 10: Original BG2 Crashes When Selecting Class in Character Creation

22 September 2016 - 08:09 PM

I noticed my unmodded game crashing during character creation when choosing a class.  Clicking Fighter, Cleric, Druid, or Bard caused a crash, but clicking Wizard or Sorcerer did not.
It happened in both a disc-based Baldur's Gate II installation and a GOG installation.  (Not the Enhanced Edition.)

I updated to Windows 10 a couple of months ago and I hadn't noticed any crashes before, even though I had run the game a few times and tested sample mod code (creating new ToB games, spawning items, that sort of thing).

After trying to pin down the problem, I discovered it could be fixed by running bgmain.exe in Windows 7 compatibility mode.  (Right click the file, go to Properties and the Compatibility tab, then Run this program in compatibility mode with Windows 7.)
I'm posting this as a reference for anyone who might have experienced a similar problem.