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Icewind Dale 2 Kits

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Posted 02 December 2013 - 12:39 AM

Well, long time ago I've suggested using these in BG2 Unfinished Business but they thought it's inappropriate as it's another's game Unfinished Business. I am not sure if that many people know about that but:
a) IWD2 during early stages of production was still on AD&D,
b) IWD2 when being announced, was announced with some new Kits,
c) Apparently creators left informations about those Kits in game's files.

MERCENARY: Mercenaries are soldiers who sell their services to the highest bidder. Traveling great distances in harsh conditions for coin and fame, the mercenary is a man or woman who must master a variety of weapons and styles to satisfy his or her employer's needs.

* Two extra proficiency slots at 1st level.
* One extra proficiency slot at 6th level.
* Carry weight increased by 50%.

* Unable to start with Weapon Specialization.
* Unable to achieve Grand Mastery in a weapon.

WIZARD SLAYER: This warrior has been specially trained by his sect to excel in hunting and attacking spellcasters of all kinds.

* Each hit on opponent spellcaster increases the chance of spell disruption by 5%.
* Gains 1% magic resistance each level.
* +4 attack bonus and Damage vs. Wizards and Sorcerers.

* May not use any magic items except for weapons and armor.

WEAPONS MASTER: a warrior that has been specially trained to be one with his or her weapon, weapons masters are often held in high regard: in Kara-Tur they are known as kensai - 'sword saints' - and are similarly revered among the moon elves of Evereska. They are deadly and fast and are trained to fight without encumbrance, some considering armor the crutch of the martially unskilled.

* Bonus +1 attack bonus and Damage /3 levels.
* +2 armor bonus.
* -1 bonus to Speed Factor for every 4 levels.
* May use 'Focus' ability one time per day for every 4 levels: this ability lasts 10 seconds and makes all attacks do maximum damage.

* May not use missile weapons.
* May not wear armor.

CAVALIER: The name "cavalier" represents an attitude rather than a profession. The cavalier is a fearless combatant against monstrous opponents, inspiring others with his or her fearless dedication and prowess in battle. Cavaliers always fight at the front of every battle, choosing to use close-combat melee weapons over weapons with reach.

* +3 Attack Bonus and Damage vs. demonic and draconic creatures.
* Remove Fear 1/day/level.
* Immunity to poison.
* 3rd level: Emotion Control: Courage 1/day.

* May not use missile weapons, halberds, or spears.
* May not use armor less than splint mail.

INQUISITOR: The inquisitor has dedicated his or her life to finding and eliminating practitioners of evil magic and defeating the forces of darkness.

* May use Inquisitor Dispel Magic 1/day/4 levels: ability is used at speed factor 1.
* Immune to hold and charm spells.
* 7th level: Spell Shield 1/Day.
* 9th level: Miscast Magic 1/Day.
* 15th level: Antimagic Field 1/Day.

* May not use Lay on Hands.
* May not cast priest spells.
* May not use Remove Disease.

VOTARY: Grim, intensely devoted champions of their faith, votaries are the bane of all evil priests. Votaries are known for their vehement dislike for all foreign religions and their skill at dispatching the agents of such faiths.

* +4 attack bonus and Damage vs. Clerics and Druids.
* 1 additional spell per spell level the votary is able to cast.
* 1 additional Holy Smite per day/4 levels.

* May not use Lay on Hands.
* May not use Remove Disease.

ARCHER: The archer is the epitome of skill with the bow. He or she is the ultimate marksman, able to make almost any shot, no matter how difficult. To achieve their level of skill, archers sacrifice attention to melee weapons and heavy armor.

* +1 Attack Bonus and Damage with any missile weapon /3 levels.
* Every 4 levels he or she gains the ability to make a called shot once per day. When he or she activates this ability, any shot made within the next 10 seconds is augmented in the following manner (according to the level of the archer):
4th level: -1 to attack bonus of target.
8th level: -1 to Saving Throw vs. Magic of target.
12th level: -1 to Strength of target.
16th level: +2 bonus to Damage.

* An archer may only become proficient in Melee weapons; he or she may never specialize.
* An archer cannot wear any metal armor.

STALKER: Stalkers serve as covert intelligence-gatherers, comfortable in both wilderness and urban settings. They are the spies, informants and interrogators... and their mastery of stealth makes them deadly opponents.

* +10% to Stealth.
* May make Sneak Attacks as if a Rogue of half the Stalker's level.

* May not wear armor greater than Studded Leather.
* May only use a Rogue's selection of weapons.

GIANT KILLER: The classic heroes of countless tales throughout the Realms, giant killers are rangers who devote their efforts towards the protection of civilized lands from evil giants and their kin.

* +1 attack bonus per level vs. Giants, Ogres, and Trolls.
* +1 to Damage per level vs. Giants, Ogres, and Trolls.

* Giant killers may not select a racial enemy.
* Giant killers are unable to track.

ASSASSIN: This is a killer trained in discreet and efficient murder, thriving on anonymity and surprise to perform his or her tasks.

* May coat weapon in poison once per day per 4 levels. The next hit with that weapon will inject the poison into the target, dealing out 6 damage every 6 seconds for 30 seconds. A saving throw vs. poison limits damage to 6 total. The strength of the poison increases at 10th level. At 20th level, it also slows targets.
* +1 Attack Bonus and Damage.

* Only 15% per level to distribute on skills.

ARCANE ROGUE: Combining the skills of a rogue with minor magical powers, the arcane rogue is a potent scout and decoy. The arcane rogue focuses less time on lethal combat than his or her fellow rogues.

* +10% to Use Magic Device.
* 5th level: Invisibility 1/day.
* 9th level: Improved Invisibility 1/day.
* 11th level: Dimension Door 1/day.
* 15th level, Shades 1/day.

* -10% on all rogue skills except Use Magic Device.
* Cannot make Sneak Attacks.

SWASHBUCKLER: This rogue is part acrobat, part swordsman and part wit... the epitome of charm and grace. A swashbuckler fights with dramatic flair and deadly precision. Due a swashbuckler's healthy sense of pride, they do not deign to learn the roguish talent for Sneak Attacks.

* +1 Armor Bonus/5 levels.
* +1 Attack Bonus and Damage/5 levels.
* May specialize in any weapons available to thieves.

* Cannot make Sneak Attacks.

BLADE: The Blade is an expert fighter and adventurer whose bardic acting abilities go towards making him appear more intimidating and fearsome. His fighting style is showy but also quite deadly.

* Blades automatically have an extra proficiency slot in the Two-Weapon fighting style.
* 3rd level: Trick Shot: When Blades critically hit, they cause Blindness (50% chance) or Slow (50% chance) for five rounds unless a Fortitude save is made. Undead, constructs, and elementals are immune to these effects.
* 5th level: Offensive Spin: When a Blade activates this ability, he or she gains a +2 attack bonus and a +2 bonus to damage for ten rounds. He or she can use this ability 3/day.
* 7th level: Defensive Spin: When a Blade activates this ability, he or she gains a +2 generic armor class and saving throw bonus for ten rounds. He or she can use this ability 3/day.

* Only has one-half Lore value.
* Can only play the Ballad of Three Heroes bard song.

RIDDLEMASTER: This bard uses odd, confusing riddles to infuriate and dazzle opponents. As a riddlemaster gains experience, he or she learns more powerful riddles in the same manner that a traditional bard learns songs.

* 3rd level: The Infuriating Dilemma: This riddle is so annoying to the target that he or she goes berserk for five rounds. It is useable 3/day.
* 5th level: King's Logic: The riddlemaster presents a logic puzzle so fascinating that the target is stunned for five rounds. It is useable 3/day.
* 7th level: Gram's Paradox: All enemy creatures within 20' of the riddlemaster are confused for five rounds. It is useable 1/day.
* 9th level: Foolproof: The riddlemaster is immune to all confusion, fear, and berserk effects.
* 11th level: Conundrum: The target of this incredibly difficult riddle is subjected to a Feeblemind spell. It is useable 3/day.

* All deaf/silenced creatures, elementals, undead, animals, and constructs are immune to the riddlemaster's riddles. Creatures with Intelligence under 5 or over 19 are immune to the riddles as well. All creatures receive a saving throw vs. spell against the effects.
* Riddlemasters only gain the Ballad of Three Heroes bard song.

SKALD: This is a tribal bard who is also a warrior of great strength, skill and virtue. His songs are inspiring sagas of battle and valor, and the skald devotes his life to those pursuits.

* Skalds have +1 attack bonus and Damage with all weapons.
* 3rd level: Heroic Inspiration: Every time a member of the party (PC) dies, the Skald gains +1 attack bonus and damage, up to a maximum of +5. This bonus lasts as long as enemies are in view.
* 11th level: Inspire Fury: At 11th level, the Skald gains the ability to incite Blood Rage 1/Day.

* Skalds have -10% to Pick Pockets and Use Magic Device.
* Skalds gain half as many points in Pick Pockets and Use Magic Device, per level.

AES DANA: Among the more civic-minded of druids, the aes dana are well versed in history, frequently assist war bands, and heal the wounded after battle. Druids like the aes dana are often found in the Moonshae Isles.

* +10 to Lore.
* 3rd level: Cure Moderate Wounds 1/Day.
* 5th level: Prayer 1/Day.
* 7th level: Recitation 1/Day.

* Cannot shapeshift into animals, only elementals at high levels.

SHAPESHIFTER: These druids master their shapechanging abilities much more extensively than others and train intensely to increase their powers throughout their life.

* All normal druidic shapechanging powers.
* 9th level: shapeshift into arctic boar.
* 11th level: shapeshift into black panther.
* 13th level: shapeshift into shambling mound.

* Do not gain Poison Immunity.
* Do not gain Timeless Body.

AVENGER: A member of a special sect within a druidic order, a druid of this type is dedicated to fighting those who would defile nature. Avengers have powers the average druid does not; additional abilities that have been earned through extensive rituals, a process that is very physically draining.

* 3rd level: Beast Claw 2/Day.
* 5th level: Spike Growth 2/Day.
* 7th level: Thorn Spray 2/Day.

* May not shapeshift into animals, only elementals at high levels.

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Posted 13 January 2014 - 10:05 AM

Why not a whole IWD2inBG2 project? :p I hate 3rd edition rule set on an infinity engine game.

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