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In Topic: Question to Changing Item Usability via WRITE_BYTE

08 June 2018 - 02:48 PM

EDIT: I am aware that this is for BGII/BGT only, as the item is resctricted to Jaheira only for BGII:EE via some opcode not available for BGII: Am I assuming correctly that this resctriction in BGII:EE is independent on the NPC's alignment and thus not affected by alignment tweaks?

According to some testing done by earlier me, restrictions to specific characters via the EE opcode are cumulative with restrictions in the item header.  For example, if the item was restricted to Jaheira, but something made it unusable by fighter/druids, she wouldn't be able to use it.

In Topic: Split from moderator action

11 May 2018 - 05:28 PM

We can merge accounts. This goes for everyone.

If you can log in to both accounts, send a PM from each account and let us know which username you want to keep. If you can't log in to one of the accounts, send an email from the address associated with it to gibberlings3@gmail.com.

In Topic: Baldur's Gate inspired RPG, Black Geyser, launches Kickstarter

08 May 2018 - 01:58 PM

I'm not affiliated with the project (just a fan) but I personally see Black Geyser as a spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate. The engine looks and operates an awful lot like the Infinity Engine. I like that they're going for a different take on paths that are not inherently good or evil. They've got a few interesting mechanics like reverse pick-pocketing.

I've merged your separate topic into this existing thread.

Prior to the Kickstarter, this project had been heavily advertised on the BWL site. (Links to forum posts would be redirected to an ad for the game.) I'm not sure what the connection is between the creators of the game and BWL.

In Topic: What is the "vanilla" game?

28 April 2018 - 03:46 PM

I use the term vanilla to refer to the unmodded game or unmodded assets.

When talking about the older games in comparison to the enhanced editions, I refer to them as "original", "non-enhanced", or "non-EE".

In Topic: Site and Forum Feedback

15 April 2018 - 10:47 PM

Yeah, it would.  When we migrate to IPB 4, we should be able to set that up.