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This WeiDU mod adds a joinable NPC to the game, the evil half-elven Shadowdancer Elai. A mysterious noble with a hidden agenda, he should bring a new dimension to your games of Baldur's Gate II.

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Eranon, a mod for BG1Tutu, adds a Githzerai monk from the plane of Limbo as a joinable NPC. Pursuing fearsome Illithid across the Sword Coast, will you have the courage to aid him?

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Meet Jelina, a friendly, elven fighter/cleric who can join you in BG2. She has delayed her training at the temple of Lathander to travel with your group. Will she be able to survive on the road? How will your adventures affect her faith? What will happen to her commitment if she falls in love with a Child of Bhaal?

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Lands of Intrigue

Discuss ideas and get a preview for the massive Lands of Intrigue mod.

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April Fool's 2005 - Boo NPC

This was an April Fool's joke from 2005 and is not an actual project.

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Haer'Dalis Romance

Discuss ideas and get a few previews for the upcoming Haer'Dalis Romance.

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A Midnight Visitor

A Midnight Visitor aims to introduce a mysterious, thoroughly immoral and evil romantic experience for a Female PC in SoA. The impact of this relationship goes beyound the pillow talk--every good-aligned in-party NPC in the game will be affected by the PC's encounters with the dangerous visitor. PC's past, present and the future have to be re-evaluated to satisfy the man who once woke her up in the middle of the night...

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Need a priest for the party, but Anomen, Aerie and Viconia have lost their charms on you? Need someone to listen to your troubles, not to toss their own sad stories into your face all the time? Then meet Miella, a human female priestess, who in time may walk through fire and ice (and many other things) for the friendship she has with you.

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Perils of Wisdom

Provides an alternate way to Spellhold with the help of the Cowled Wizards. You can climb your way on the ranks taking three distinct paths: good, neutral and evil. If you play your cards right, you might even get Spellhold as your stronghold.

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Discuss ideas and get a few previews for the upcoming romance for the female paladin NPC.

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The Third Way

The Third Way is a BG2 mod that aims to provide an additional way to get to Spellhold, via a small organisation under the Amnish Guard. A strictly tongue-in-cheek adventure.

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The Tiefling Sisters: Keli & Inara

Discuss ideas and get previews for the Tiefling Sisters mod. Keli & Inara are two joinable NPCs for Baldur's Gate II.

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Viconia Relationship

Provides a friendship with Viconia for your female PC. If you try hard enough you may end up with a romance...

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A Deathstalker (In Development)

'A Deathstalker' is a tongue-in-cheek short prequel mod for BG (made for NWN2-MotB) for an evil non-cleric character with Bhaal as their deity (the Deity will be re-set for you).

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