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How does EET treat mod added areas in ToB?

12 February 2018 - 06:41 AM

I am asking for a mod added area like it is by Ascalon's Breagar, for example. While in SoA accessible after getting the quest to go there, going there in ToB is handled by teleportation - and the .are file is a differetn one.

Access to the original SoA area is not intended. Would the area still be accessible from the ToB Worldmap?

Is there a ToB Worldmap in EET, or is it all one?

If I want to add an area to the ToB Worldmap, how would I do that?


12 February 2018 - 03:18 AM

I think there is an inconsistency in what EET_NPC_TRANSITION does for mod NPCs.

If a mod adds a mod NPC with this code (Skie Cost of one Soul in this case):

 INCLUDE ~EET/other/EET_functions.tph~
      type = 2
      dv = "l#2sdskie"
      override_SoA = "L#2SDSKI"
      override_ToB = "L#2SD25"
      dialog_ToB = "L#2SD25"
      traFile = EVAL "SkieCost/translations/%LANGUAGE%/Skie.TRA"
      string = "@49" 
      stringPosDV = "Sharteel"

the following things are performed as far as i can see:


1. In FATESP.dlg, the three entries regarding the mod NPC are added - but not directly before Shar-Teel, but in between Shar'Teel [1]:



2. In AR4000.bcs, the switch to the mod NPC's ToB script but also the fate spirit deactivation in case she was never in party for a continuous game [2]:

	!BeenInParty("l#2sdskie")  // Skie

3. In AR4500.bcs the MoveGlobal of the mod NPC for a continuous game. What I do not see is the script block for a new ToB game (CreateCreature)? [3]


4. What it does not is adding the SetGlobal("l#2sdskiePartyBG2","GLOBAL",1) to the NPC's SoA script neither to Ar4000.bcs for a new ToB game -> leading to an unsummonable mod NPC? I tested only for a new ToB game and the Mod NPC was indeed not summonable because fates were no longer connected. [4]


I see the following problems:

[1] placement of the additional reply options in between the one that should be before. I have no idea how the function determins where it should add the new reply options but this needs to be adjusted, obviously.

[2] Why is the summoning reply option deactivated if a SoA NPC wasn't in the party? The Fate spirit dialogue would already cover this, leading to a reply that the fate spirit can't call this NPC because she is no longer connected to the PC's fate. This reply option will never be active for a continuous game, but I think it should. My suggestion: Remove the script block that sets the summoned variable for a continuous game to "2" in AR4000.bcs.

[3] I reinstalled the mod plus EET-end.exe two times and both times the script block for a new ToB game was missing like the one for Yoshimo:

. This needs to be added, obviously.

[4] Setting the "NPCPartyBG2" variable needs to be added to the mod NPC's SoA script as well as to AR4000.bcs or AR4500.bcs for a new ToB game, or a mod NPC can't be called via the fate spirit.

NTotSC v2.1.0 for BGT, BG:EE, and EET!

11 February 2018 - 10:02 PM

NTotSC Updates to v2.1.0 for BGT, BG:EE, and EET!

NTotSC adds several quests to the BG1 part (with TotSC) to the game. Some are minor encounters with no further impact, but some are larger quests that are also partly connected to each other.

This is a BGT, BG:EE, and EET version of the original mod. As of version 2.0, NTotSC is no longer dependent on DSotSC. If you want to play the two mods together, install DSotSC first. The versions supported are:
-for BGT/EET: version by k4thos
-for BG:EE: version by Red Carnelian (this mod is still beta, too).

To reach the new areas via worldmap, you need to install BP-BGT-worldmap for BGT after NTotSC an start a new game. For BG:EE, as of v2.1.0 the BP-BGTWorldmap mod is no longer needed for the mod areas to be accessible via the worldmap. Thank you to AstroBryGuy for this tweak!

Since v2.0, the quests are less restrictive in their order, especially in the order of when to talk to whom. The only restrictions remaining are: The Northern Citadel Quest will be handed out from Duke Eltan when he summons the PC in the original game. The Temple of the Black Hand will only be revealed after the demon in Ulgoth's Beard is defeated.
All other quests can either be "walked into", received from multiple persons (e.g. "The Field of the Dead"), or received by killing the quest giver instead of going on his fedex quest (e.g. the Ice Slamander or Eldod - they will have the appropriate keys on them.) Also, the mod now uses the prefix "NT". The package comes with a detailed list of Changes including altered variable names. If your mod has crossmod content with NTotSC and you are nervous about the changes, let me know and I will help you concerning compatibility with v2.0.

Download NTotSC latest Release from jastey's GitHub

Question to setting area flags via tp2

11 February 2018 - 02:13 PM

In NTotSC, for eet the mod areas are supposed to be flagged as BG1 areas (flag 8 at 0x48)


In the tp2 is the following:


        WRITE_SHORT 0x48 THIS | (1 << BG1AREA)


Problem: This flaggs the areas as Outdoor, not BG1areas. What would be the correct syntax?

Question to PVRZ, TIS, and TBC format

31 January 2018 - 03:45 AM

For Lure of Sirine's Call, the "Extended Lighthouse Area" component lead to crashes for BG:EE and EET.


I have a fixed tis now in PVRZ format. The mod currently expects a TBC (to be used with HANDLE_TILECONV). Since the fixed area is not the only .tbc in there, I'd like to keep the format (also, because it would mean littlest effort in terms of restructuring the tp2).


How do I transform my PVRZ into TBC? Is that even useful (in terms of "black lines in EE-area graphics")?