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Regarding spell slots per level

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Posted 31 December 2010 - 03:38 PM

Hello, first time posting here, but a huge fan of the community. I am thoroughly enjoying Divine Remix and the fact that clerics that worship different deities now have access to different powers. I just had one question - not sure if this applies to all of the new kits, or if it's specific to the Nightcloak of Shar...

...is the Nightcloak supposed to gain less available spell slots per level than a regular Cleric?

Comparing Viconia as a Nightcloak to Aerie as a multi-class Cleric/Mage, both with 18 WIS, at level 14:

Level 7 - 1 slot
Level 6 - 2 slots
Level 5 - 3 slots
Level 4 - 6 slots
Level 3 - 7 slots
Level 2 - 8 slots
Level 1 - 8 slots

Level 7 - 2 slot
Level 6 - 3 slots
Level 5 - 4 slots
Level 4 - 7 slots
Level 3 - 7 slots
Level 2 - 8 slots
Level 1 - 8 slots

This won't affect my using the mod in any way - I've gotten along just fine with Viconia as is. Love the new spells and the Disc of Night is awesome. I just wasn't sure if it was intentional. It just didn't seem right that a kit that is arguably more restrictive when it comes to spell selection than the standard class would also suffer a penalty to available spell slots. It's like the specialist mage rule, but in reverse.


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