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In Topic: GitLab MegaMod Project - All The Mods

Yesterday, 10:10 PM

I already pointed out my reasons for not being thrilled at BeamDog forums.

In Topic: Removing gender/race checks from romance scripts

Yesterday, 08:17 AM

From cdtweaks readme:


This component allows greater flexibility with the original BioWare romances.

BioWare romances: Anomen, Jaheira, Viconia, Aerie - in BGII.

In Topic: Removing gender/race checks from romance scripts

Yesterday, 12:22 AM

In EET, Neera's BG1 script would be NEERA_.bcs.

Cheating her romance to work for a female PC is not so easy, because as far as I can see the "Gender(Player1,MALE)" check is repeated for every romance talk anew. Meaning, even if you set the "NEERA_ROMANCE" variable via console the talks will not trigger automatically. Also, the dialogues itself need more triggers than the "NEERA_ROMANCE" variable (there is also a local variable each and also the romance timer is checked as dialogue trigger), so it's possible to trigger them by setting the right variables and then click-talking Neera, but you'd have to look all the variables up first.

Removing the gender check from this romance track is not trivial, unfortunately, because BeamDog coded it a bit differently than what is current modding standard.

In Topic: BG1 patch compatibility

18 August 2018 - 09:56 AM

If Steam updated your EET (i.e. BGII:EE) game then your install is gone, in case you didn't use a copy for modding. If Steam "only" updated the BG:EE game then this is unrelated to your current EET game.

In Topic: Save compatibility?

09 August 2018 - 12:36 AM

(EET saves behaves exactly the same as vanilla game saves thanks to using pre-set TLK range)

I take this as an opportunity to thank you for this genius move!

Keep in mind that despite the feature being present for ages in EET I don't know if it ever has been used by anyone. No one ever informed me if it works as indented, so I can't promise the outcome (let us know if you encounter any problems after using it). Make a save backup before using it since this change can't be uninstalled.

I know of one player who used it and it worked perfectly.