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Installation bug re spell revisions mod

17 May 2010 - 08:16 AM

OK, I thought I'd installed the spell revisions mod as normal.Via shadowkeeper, I've checked numerous spells for whether they have the spell-revisions-altered description to them and they all do - except the blade barrier spell. It seems that despite my previous misconceptions, a weidu install can omit certain items being installed, without the installation of that mod being rolled back. It might(?) be due to my watching DVDs while the installation happened, perhaps, despite the speed of my PC?

Anyway, no other mod in the BWP installations seems to have altered the blade barrier spell(indeed I now have a 6th(?)-level wizard "blade barrier" spell with the spell-revisions mod's new description re effects, though the priests' blade barrier spell-versions are all with the vanilla BG2 description. There were some changes made by spellpack(but I didn't install that particular component) and there was an scsII component mildly altering the globe of blades and blade barrier spells, but the globe of blades spell is fine.Unless , that is, that scsII component replaced the spell_revisions-altered spells with its own ones without just patching the spell-rev-added versions of those 2 spells?

I think I can salvage the situation by putting the relevant spell-rev spells from the spell_rev folders(plus any extra files from projectiles etc. if required) into the override folder - it worked for the wall of fire spell from the spellpack mod. I'm just afraid that if it's possible for the spell-rev's spells not to be installed, that the spell-rev descriptions might have gotten installed but not the actual spell_rev-altered spells. This would be problematic as I only want most but not all of the spell-rev spells added into the game. I would have to do a majore reinstall so as to ensure all spells got installed correctly.

Possible bug?

17 May 2010 - 02:57 AM

OK, I have done a new megamod BWP installation and thought everything was fine after checking my weidu file to see if everything was installed. The item revisions main component was indeed listed as installed(plus the hotfix). But, when I idly checked shadowkeeper one time, the blackrazor sword had the same exact (vanilla BG2) description in both of the items named blackrazor(both describing the same sword, same image). Now I've checked many of the other item-revisions-altered items previously out of vague interest, and they all seem to have been altered properly given the descriptions. So my questions are:- is it possible with a BWP weidu installation that some items in various mods fail to get installed? I'd thought that weidu always rolled back the installation if not all components were installed properly.

Is it possible for me to correct the above error re blackrazor? I was thinking of simply putting item_rev's blackrazor item-code into the override folder. Can I do that and then load a savegame with blackrazor already equipped by 1 of my characters, with the change showing re effects re combat? I have no idea as to how to also transfer item_rev's correct description as well.

Minor question

14 May 2010 - 01:58 AM

I was thinking of a 9th level area-effect cloud-like spell which lowered magic resistance in a 30 or 60 foot radius in the same way that the 5th level lower resistance spell does to just 1 individual. Any chance of implementing that? It's just that numerous encounters, later in the game, involve highly magic-resistant demons/drow etc., which force one to mostly just use combat most of the time rather than spells for obvious reasons.

Minor suggestions for future versions

09 May 2010 - 08:58 AM

First of all, I wish to thank you for enhancing our Baldur's Gate experience. I have found that too many items are overpowered or just boring or not fitting into the game in terms of realistic gameplay. I am also deeply pleased that you have allowed us to not install any of the items from your mod which we didn't like.

I have a minor issue re the soul reaver weapon:- I like your choice re 1 chance of negative level energy drain etc.(and have installed it), but I would like you to allow a nerfed version of the Item upgrade mod's soul reaver. That mod made the already very powerful Soul Reaver+4 to a +6 weapon(with dispel magic on hit etc.), after combining it with Carsomyr. I think it is vital for evil-aligned PCs to be able to wield evil-aligned weapons which are on Carsomyr's level re abilities, so I was wondering if you could include such a weapon for the next Item_Revisions version. I accept that the original Soul Reaver+4 had a too powerful effect(-2 to THACO(automatically?) for every hit it made for 120 seconds), but something nerfed might do the trick(eg:- save vs death or get -2 to THACO for 20 or 30 seconds etc.)

Also, I wasn't sure whether to install your version of the boots of speed(+5 to movement-rates, not doubled like in the original), so kept the original item(re doubled movement). I would like to know what the original average movement rate is for each character, so that I can have some idea of how +5 compares to doubling movement-rates.

Spell revisions disaster

02 May 2010 - 07:45 AM

1 of the components of another mod has seemingly fouled up my present BWP game. It seems that the spell revisions versions of summon fiend(glabrezu) , summon death knight and gate have become fouled up. Instead, I get a dud summon death knight where 1 spell in shadowkeeper summons what looks like a demon which promptly attacks me launching 20d6 fireballs, and another version where the demon knight looks like the original demon knight animation in vanilla BG2 but which does nothing but stand there when I order it to attack or attack the demon knight.*haven't checked the cacofiend spell yet, maybe that is also altered by that other mod with a 50/50 chance of 1 of 2 monsters?

I also get an 8th level spell for summon fiend whereby I get a 50% chance of a nabassu or a glabrezu and a 9th level gate spell where I get a 50% chance of a pit-fiend or a balor(as I'm neutral evil-aligned). I know, I recently mentioned I liked this possibility in another thread, but I'm not sure whether the new versions are as good/combat-worthy as the equivalents I saw in the spell-revisions versions(eg:- your pit-fiend with 150hp poison damage etc.

My problem is that when I launch the spell-revisions versions of summon fiend and gate I get the various creatures but they automatically go hostile within a second or two even if my party has protection from evil 10' radius installed. *Just had a horrible thought, perhaps the fact that I deliberately didn't install the bothersome magic circle against evil and 1st level protection from evil from the spell-revisions mod(and kept the original protection from evil 10' radius) may have caused all the trouble. I hope to god not. Any ideas?

If it is the above, is there any way to offset this by using a global command to always get the spell revisions versions of glabrezu/pit-fiends to ally with me as soon as they appear?

I suppose I could simply transfer the relevant spell-rev files for magic circle against evil/protection against evil into the BG2 override folder and just use those different spells mid-game even if they don't have a description underneath? I've done that with spellpack's wall of fire spell and it works fine as a spell, regardless.