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11 August 2010 - 02:14 PM

Personally, I can't quite understand the average modder's fixation on popularity. When we're dealing with minor changes to decade-old video games, I would think its importance would be minimal.

None of our modding work is "so needed, so important," but it's fun and it adds to the gaming experience. So I thought I'd throw an ounce of support behind a cool-sounding idea I'd seen quashed in the past. I think you may have gotten the wrong impression; I'm not particularly passionate about this idea, I was just offering my counterpoints to the arguments put against my suggestion.

In Topic: Suggestion

11 August 2010 - 08:47 AM

I've always found Baldur's Gate to be more epic. I mean, you have the choice to become a god in the end, instead of just killing a bunch of small baddies then a big one. But I see your point about the darker feel to Shadows of Amn.

Hm, come to think of it, there already is an encounter in Heart of Winter with Ambere Dunn, so in terms of the vanilla game, Icewind Dale is closer to this project than the unmodded Baldur's Gate was. Unless you count the tiny Cominda/Jenthan/dwarf thing, in which case they're even.

Grim, that would be amazing, albeit unlikely. But on the other hand, it seems to me all the small stuff's been/is being done. So unless we're going to give up expansion of the game after twelve years of work, big stuff is going to need to be done. Let's hope we get some hot-headed, engine-savvy person in here who's willing to throw away his or her life for us, aye?

In Topic: Suggestion

10 August 2010 - 09:57 PM

Like I said, I've heard those arguments before; I just disagree, so this is more of a suggestion for the writers than the moderators.

I think that the concept of the naive, traumatized Bhaalspawn, while admittedly being applicable to my usual PC, is only one side of the numerous character possibilities RPGs like this pride themselves on offering. And heck, in my mind, immaturity is a considerable part of one night stands, pursuits of unlikely love, and desperate, shallow, or short relationships. Since when did the average youngster view relationships conservatively?

I assumed as much about Planescape: Torment, but thought I'd throw it out there. The Icewind Dales, however, is where I really think it would help.

Reason 1: Blander Games. From a wider perspective, the game will benefit more from additions than the already jam-packed Shadows of Amn. From a personal perspective, your work will stand out more on the simpler backdrop.

Reason 2: Multiple Characters. Your main character isn't interested? What about the guy or gal from party slot number two or three? It gives more of an opportunity for roleplayers like me to develop the personalities and behavioral patterns of the different characters in the group. It makes more players able to access your content than you would in the justifiably gender/race/alignment restricted construction that is Baldur's Gate.

Reason 3: Less Shifting Environments. The constant returns to Kuldahar in Icewind Dale I and Targos in Icewind Dale II would lend themselves to a more realistic application of content mining from a roleplay perspective. When I'm running a particularly sleazy or emotionally needy character through Baldur's Gate, it's hard not to just clear this stuff out of an area and move on like I do with the local quests, only to have no more attention from that area. Though this could and has been implemented to some extent with the chapter/quest progression of the current encounters, I believe the forcible exit and reentry of the aforementioned towns would lend to a cleaner transition and greater clarity on the timeline. For example, it could start out with little to nothing. Maybe a few desperate people trying to live it up in the streets of doomed Targos, and then shift to the deeper or pickier locals seeking contact and possibly relationships with their saviors as the timeline progresses. I've always felt out-of-touch with the populations of these nearly unmodded games. This would also give more of an opportunity for more intricate, longer-term events like Ribald's and Laran's multiple encounters to develop.

Edit: Also, many of the most interesting and well-constructed encounters in this mod are with newly introduced or formerly personality-less NPCs, which I think half solves the problem for those who share your opinion that the characters in the other games are less interesting.

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19 June 2010 - 03:14 PM

Happy birthday, sexi

Edit: Computer must've double posted for dramatic effect. Roll with it, people.