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dispelling sreen spell protections demilich

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Posted 20 September 2018 - 01:04 PM

>powerful but short duration


That's an...interesting analysis. A few different effects here: 1. Frees imprisoned/mazed characters; 2. Temporarily protects against imprisonment/maze; 3. Free Action. The second effect, one person being immune to imprisonment/maze for a handful of rounds, sounds like it should be a level 1 spell a la Protection from Petrification, not a level 9 spell. Free Action is a level 4 cleric spell that has a duration of 1 turn/level - a few rounds of that is...pretty bad (I mean, if the protection against Imprisonment even does its job for your one character, you're probably not going to be concerned about other movement-limiting effects within the same timeframe anyways, right?), and also does not a level 9 spell make. If it were me, I would probably opt for 1 turn and affect the entire party (a sort of mass vocalize, except against imprisonment/maze instead of silence), or even everyone within the entire area if you want to make the concept of freeing all imprisoned characters - even hostile ones - consistent. Basically, would be a 1 turn freeze on imprisonment/maze effects. The reason it should be at least 30' party is spellcasters would just target non-Freedom-ed characters just as easily, which makes a single target protection against it rather useless...and it's a level 9 spell.


@DavidW: Outside of a handful of exceptions, yes. SR definitely overwrites spin788, which it calls "Demilich Soul Trap", and I presume that's the same. I'm not sure HOW it modifies it, though - never looked at it.

You are right. The above efffects with an AOE and a 5 turn duration would make for a much better 9 level spell... SR seems like a conservative spell mod - more toning down strong spells than making weak ones stronger, so i tried being conservative :p

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