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[NPC mod] Ashar

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Posted 13 January 2018 - 08:52 AM





When asked about her past, ASHAR snaps, "What does it matter now?" and flicks her hand dismissively. Nevertheless, she starts to incoherently relate her tale. She was raised in the Sword Mountains, north of Waterdeep. In this place, a powerful warrior called Dagon Iron Shield created a country which gathered local half-orc tribes. Ashar served in Dagon's personal guard. She talks with a great respect for him, praising his skills, honor, and fair deeds. However, two years ago, Iron Shield was killed by his power-hungry son. Most of Dagon's supporters were forced to flee or be killed or, as Ashar was, be sold into a slavery.





Ashar on Spellhold Studios

Ashar on Beamdog


This modification adds a new, joinable NPC to Baldur's Gate II: a half-orc barbarian named Ashar.

Ashar can be found near the Copper Cornet's entrance, right after the death of the tavern's owner, Lehtinan.

The modification offers about 20 dialogues with the PC, a modest romance, as well as many interactions, comments, and banters with all BGII NPCs.

Ashar is aggressive, plainspoken, but also a bit confused woman. Fell free to say what you will, during talks with her, there aren't any "correct" or "incorrect" answers. However, be aware, because your words and deeds may have a great impact on Ashar's character.

Great thanks to: Damianus_NT, Lava Del'Vortel and Vinci for their help in testing and creating the modification!

Special thanks to Geddoe, who have taught Ashar how to speak English correctly. Thank you for your great proofreading job!

Have a good game and any comments are welcome! :)

Additional information:
- The modification is compatible with both the "old" game version (Throne of Bhaal expansion pack is required) and Enhanced Edition.
- Her "friendship path" talks activate approximately once per hour, check Readme file for full list of dialogs.
- Romance can be started after "friendship path" dialogs, in the Underdark. Check Readme file for more information.
- Ashar should be joined to your party in II or III game chapter. You will miss much of the modification content, if you join her later.
- For now, the modification doesn't have any content for the Throne of Bhaal expansion.
-To install the modification you need to extract Setup-AsharNPC.exe and AsharNPC folder into your game folder, double-click Setup-AsharNPC.exe and follow the instructions.
- English and Polish language versions included.

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Pustak Stropowy
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Posted 05 May 2018 - 10:18 AM

Minor update - new portrait for Ashar.

Well, maybe my drawings aren't marvellous, but Ashar wasn't supposed to be a miss of Faerun :)


So I invite you to download and try out my modyfication!

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