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Keeping Yoshimo - Download Link and Version Updates

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#1 Lemernis

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Posted 12 August 2014 - 05:28 AM

Thanks to the labors of CrevsDaak Keeping Yoshimo has been resurrected and is now available for download for both PC and Mac, both for the original game and the Enhanced Edition. See this post for downloading the newest version.
Extract the contents of the zip folder to the folder in your BG2 or BG2EE directory that contains CHITIN.KEY.  (For example, for my installations those were C:\GOG Games\Baldur's Gate 2 for original BG2 and C:\Program Files (x86)\BeamDog\Games\00873 for BG2EE.  But the location may vary depending on your installation.) Then run the "setup-7C#Yoshi" application to install.
Please post bug reports here.
And please post any compatibility issues with other mods that you encounter here.
We'll be posting version updates in this thread from now on.  For earlier version history see this thread.
There is no new content for the mod—it is just now easily downloadable and available in all forms (i.e., updated for EE and Mac).  But we're content with it as it stands.  The mod's aims are modest, but we feel that it provides a satisfying experience.  We encourage players to please give Keeping Yoshimo a try (especially with the Enhanced Edition) and report back about the experience so that we can get this mod finally moved to the released category.  Thank you in advance if you can help by giving the mod a go!

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Keeping Yoshimo (story and dialogues)

#2 CrevsDaak


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Posted 16 August 2014 - 08:34 AM

Changes made since version 0.72:
- Updated mod to be compatible with Enhanced Edition games and the Mac platform.
- Externalized text to .tra files.
- Fixed a bug with the usability of Yoshimo's sword in the Enhanced Edition.
- Created a Join and meeting dialog for Yoshimo if he's summoned via the Pocket Plane in ToB.
- Fixed a bug that could cause an installation crash because of an erroneous call function.
- Fixed a bug that could make installation crash when re-compiling sarvie01.bcs in the Enhanced Edition.
- Fixed another bug that could cause an installation crash in the Enhanced Edition if ANYONE is used as an Allegiance check (even if it's in the ea.ids, WeiDU doesn't seem to likes this).

- Fixed another bug with Yoshimo's sword usability in the Enhanced Edition.
- Fixed a bug that made unable the summoning of Yoshimo in ToB.

- Fixed a bug that would make Yoshimo's sword unusable by himself if the "Make Yoshi CG" component is installed.

- Fixed a bug that would cause the Mage Encounter never to happen.

- Fixed a bug that caused Yoshimo to get wrong dialog files.
- Added the missing .BCS blocks to the game so the mages now spawn.

- Fixes a vanilla error that might trigger when this mod is installed.

- Fixes a bug that would cause Yoshi not to drop the party before Spellhold and cause other problems later on.
- No longer crashes during installation.
- If *ROUNDs entries aren't present in GTIMES.IDS they are now added.
- No longer changes Yoshimo's DV for non-Mac EE games.

- No longer crashes during re-installation.
- Installation no longer crashes if only the component "Make Yoshi Chaotic Good" is installed.
- GTIMES.IDS is only appended by the component "Keeping Yoshimo after Spellhold" and not by the ALWAYS block.

- No more crashes during installation
- Goes back to The Old Way (only on EE games), changing Yoshimo's Death Variable so he stays for ToB, but because of this, Keeping Yoshimo has to be installed LAST.

- Fixes usability with Yoshimo's Katana. Really this time.

- Code improvements and the mod's setup file's renamed to 7C-Yoshi from 7C#Yoshi.



- Fixes two installation bugs on non-Enhanced Edition games. Thanks to jastey for reporting them!

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#3 CrevsDaak


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Posted 01 March 2015 - 07:26 AM

Version v0.97 is out!

Get it now from here!

Version 0.97 removes the need to change Yoshimo's death variable in Enhanced Edition games since now executable editing doesn't make the game crash, so now you can install the mod at any time you want (preferably after SCS since it's created with SCS in mind) and not last.

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