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ReallyForceSpell interrupts on-going casting?

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#1 critto

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Posted 16 May 2017 - 05:42 PM

If a Wish spell option that affects the entire party is chosen, party members will have their on-going spell casting interrupted when the effect is applied.


The dialogue's action code looks something like this:

ActionOverride(Player1,ReallyForceSpell(Myself,CLERIC_NEGATIVE_PLANE_PROTECTION)) // SPPR413.SPL (Negative Plane Protection)
ActionOverride(Player2,ReallyForceSpell(Myself,CLERIC_NEGATIVE_PLANE_PROTECTION)) // SPPR413.SPL (Negative Plane Protection)
ActionOverride(Player3,ReallyForceSpell(Myself,CLERIC_NEGATIVE_PLANE_PROTECTION)) // SPPR413.SPL (Negative Plane Protection)
ActionOverride(Player4,ReallyForceSpell(Myself,CLERIC_NEGATIVE_PLANE_PROTECTION)) // SPPR413.SPL (Negative Plane Protection)
ActionOverride(Player5,ReallyForceSpell(Myself,CLERIC_NEGATIVE_PLANE_PROTECTION)) // SPPR413.SPL (Negative Plane Protection)
ActionOverride(Player6,ReallyForceSpell(Myself,CLERIC_NEGATIVE_PLANE_PROTECTION)) // SPPR413.SPL (Negative Plane Protection)
ForceSpell(Myself,DRYAD_TELEPORT) // SPWI995.SPL (Dimension Door)

Is this an intended behavior for ActionOverride and/or ReallyForceSpell?


#2 Ardanis


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Posted 16 May 2017 - 08:14 PM

Yes. The Wish should've used ApplySpell() instead.

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#3 critto

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Posted 24 May 2017 - 12:51 AM

I tried ApplySpell() instead, it didn't help according to our tests. I'll see if I didn't miss anything but looks like solution of some other kind is needed.

#4 Jarno Mikkola

Jarno Mikkola

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Posted 24 May 2017 - 01:46 AM

The ActionOverride does what it says, it overwrites everything that's being done with the given action.


So try as suggested this instead:

    RESPONSE #100

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