G3 Mini-Mods

The Gibberlings Three has many smaller mods available for download. The portrait packs have been moved to their own section.

BG2 Alternate Soundtrack

This mod provides an partial alternate soundtrack to Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn.

cliffette's Mods for Baldur's Gate II

cliffette has produced a number of mods for Baldur's Gate II. G3 is pleased to mirror these mods, with her permission, though they are offered 'as is' with no support for them.

Every Mod and Dog

Baldur's Gate, Nashkell Carnival: The Great Gazib, embarrassed stoned maidens and Lord Binky the Buffoon.
Baldur's Gate II, Waukeen's Promenade Circus: Kala, depressed ogre maidens, wolfweres, shades and darkness.

Somewhere along the way, we stopped having fun. Every Mod and Dog (EMaD) is a WeiDU-based mod that adds a selection of small diversions and sidequests to Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn. Its major aim is to recapture some of the more buoyant and adventurous spirit that was found in the original Baldur's Gate.

None of the components included in this mod will interfere directly with the original game's main plot and all quests are optional. Some of the quests were inspired by the various "Iron Modder" competition themes at the Pocket Plane Group.


Fonick is a mod originally designed for a 'History' themed modding contest. Go to the Five Flagons Playhouse and complete Raelis' quest (or kill her). When Raelis has disappeared (either by completing the Planar Prison, letting her go back to the Planes by herself, or killing her), wait a day, then come back to the Five Flagons Playhouse. Talk to the receptionist, buy a ticket, then show it to the usher.

There are multiple ways to end the quest, but be nice to Fonick for the best (or worst) outcome.

A Mod for the Orderly

This mod adds a keyring to help manage the avalanche of keys you acquire in your journey across Faerun.

Geomantic Sorcerer

The Geomantic Sorcerer Kit is strongly based on the Druidic Sorcerer Kit by Constant Gaw, and resurrected by hlidskialf and loosely based on the Geomancer presitige class from the AD&D 3rd Edition Masters of the Wild manual. The kit combines the sorcerer's spellcasting methods and spells with additional druidic spells and abilities and features its own unique tiered HLA progression and custom spells.

Imoen is Stone

The mod lets Imoen be turned to stone in the fight with Irenicus at the Promenade. She will still be taken by the Cowled Wizards, and Irenicus will have depetrified her and do his soul-experiments until the PC reaches Spellhold so the overall game flow is not altered. But overall it all happens a bit later than in the original, and it's a bit less disturbing.

Improved BAMs

This is a mod for Baldur's Gate or Icewind Dale created by NiGHTMARE and Andyr that Idobek repackaged with a WeiDU installer. A large number of the Baldur's Gate inventory graphics (BAMs) were improved for the sequel, so this small pack puts them back into the original. It will also work with Icewind Dale, as that re-uses many BG items.

Improved Horns of Valhalla

This is a minor modification to Baldur's Gate II that improves the berserkers summoned by the three Horns of Valhalla.

Mod Kit Remover

The Mod Kit Remover is a WeiDU mod that will remove all mod kits from the character creation screen. The mod was primarily made because The Darkest Day fills all available kit slots, but players wished to use kits from other mods when playing it.

Moinesse's Avatars

This WeiDU mod contains a series of new avatars and paperdolls for BG2. Avatars are the graphics of your characters as they walk around the game world and paperdolls are the graphics that show on the inventory screen.

Shards of Ice

Icelus' little WeiDU collection of miscellany. From ice: "The two quests really aren't all that bad. Not really. Well, not too much. If you install the Summon Cow spell restoration component, however, you should be ashamed of yourself. Really."

Totemic Cernd

Totemic Cernd is a minor modification to Baldur's Gate II that changes Cernd's druid kit from that of a Shapeshifter to a Totemic Druid. In the process, cirerrek also decided to increase Cernd's physical statistics somewhat to make him a reasonably attractive alternative to other clerics or druids, such as Jaheira or Anomen.

Yoshimo Romance

Lava's YR is a project which introduce brand new romance for infamous rogue - Yoshimo. Curious yes, my friend? The mod includes plenty of content for both SoA and ToB portions of Baldur's Gate 2. Apart from the core component, players can install optional PIDs, additional non-romantic talks, and the already mentioned ToB part of the mod.

Romance requirements: human/elven/half-elven/tiefling female with charisma 13 or higher.

Incompatibilities: Mod is incompatible with Keeping Yoshimo, however it is compatible with Yoshimo Friendship and Tortured Souls, but still the appearance of the talks may be affected by those mods. Check readme for more details.