Deathbringer Kit for Sarevok

Sarevok's biography mentions that he is a Deathbringer and he comes with the Deathbringer Assault melee effect. What is a Deathbringer? I could not find any canon sources for a Deathbringer kit, there is a Deathstalker kit in Faiths and Avatars, but a Deathstalker is a specialty priest of Bhaal. I didn't feel this fit Sarevok, as his goal in (his first) life was to become a god and replace Bhaal. Plus Bhaal is dead and Sarevok is a fighter. So this new kit is one of entirely my own design--hope you like it.

DEATHBRINGER: A Deathbringer is not, as the name suggests, a bloodthirsty killer, but a master of the fine art of intimidation in combat. Every stance and gesture is designed to maximize their opponent's fear and minimize their own. The goal is to so frighten the opponent that they are unable to fight back. Eventually it is possible for them to kill with a single blow, not from physical damage but from mental.

A Deathbringer's first instinct is to cause fear. As a result, it is difficult for Deathbringers not to intimidate people and, indeed, determine when not to intimidate people. Their body language outside combat makes people pause and worry. However, they can easily recognize and suppress any fear in themselves. Their goal is to frighten not be frightened.

- Immune to fear and morale failure
- From 6th level can cast Spook (as the 1st level wizard spell) once per day per 5 levels
- At 11th level gains Deathbringer Assault

- -3 penalty to Wisdom and Charisma

This component will also fix the long-standing bug of Sarevok having an invalid script assignment.