Plasmocat's Portrait Pack

A preview of this portrait mod, and all other portrait mods, is available in the Portrait Gallery.

This mod provides a wide variety of ethnic portraits for the Baldur's Gate II protagonist and also alternative portraits for 13 of the joinable NPCs.

The mod contains separate components that can be installed independently of one another.

Copy all portraits for use by player characters

This component will copy all portraits included with the mod into your portraits folder for use by your PC.

Replace BG2 NPC portraits

This component will replace 13 NPC portraits with this set by Plasmocat and change the skin and hair color on the avatars to match the portraits. If you would like only a few portraits replaced, please select the ‘ask about each component’ option, and you will be presented with a choice of replacing the portriat for each of the 13 NPCs. The NPCs that do not have an alternative portrait are Haer’Dalis, Sarevok, Yoshimo and Valygar.