Plasmocat's "BG NPC Portraits in BG2 Style"

A preview of this portrait mod, and all other portrait mods, is available in the Portrait Gallery.

From the author Plasmocat: "I hope you enjoy using these portraits as much as I enjoyed making them and playing them myself. Thanks to everyone who has provided constructive feedback, both challenging and inspiring me to do better work. I appreciate your support.

This mod started as a personal project because I wanted to use Tutu to improve the BG interface but at the same time really don't like the BG style of portraits. Rather than continue to use pics of completely different characters to hedge the problem, I decided to do a revamp of the whole works.

A few notes on the pics: I completely refaced (literally) Shar-Teel and Faldorn because it's just my preference to have better-looking people in my games. I also completely overhauled Coran, making him look more like an elf rather than a mutant human. I collaborated with Domi on this in that she Beta'd my work and provided some pen & ink drawings of elves she obtained from official D&D illustrations. I tried to create a hybrid style that incorporated these old school elements with some of the traits portrayed in the BG2 elves as well, all while keeping his "am I not hot?" personality evident. I gave Alora red hair instead of pink because I didn't want her to compete or become confused with Imoen.

I made two versions of Xzar, one presenting him in the colors he wears in BG and one reflecting the colors he wears in BG2. You can choose which one to install! I also created two versions of Imoen; one suitable for a Swashbuckler, and the other more consistent with Imoen's BG character. You have a choice of one of these as well.

I didn't make replacement portraits for Edwin or Minsc; if you want to use the BG2 versions on a Tutu game, install BG1 NPC and the portraits are there. I did edit the BG Jaheira portrait mainly because I wanted to use it as a PC."