Plasmocat's "Picks of the Litter" Portrait Pack

A Gibberlings Three Mod
Authors: Art by Plasmocat,, packaged by cmorgan

Version 2 - Check for the most recent version Languages: English
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux


This is a package to provide additional custom portraits for assignment to your Player Character (PC). It contains no additional content and does not touch your installation.


There are no known incompatibilities. The Pick of the Litter simply copies Plasmocat's portraits into the portraits subdirectory of your game directory. Assign the appropriate portraits to your PC through the character generation screen. Be sure to use the S and M/l portraits for BG, Tutu, BG2, or BGT. The large/huge portraits are for the end of the trilogy epilogue, and are not assigned to the creature file.


Plasmocat's "Picks of the Litter" Portrait Pack is packaged and installed with WeiDU and is distributed as a self-extracting archive. To install, double-click the archive and follow the instructions on screen.

Alternatively the files can be extracted from the archive using WinRAR. If properly extracted, you should have a "picks_of_the_litter" folder and setup-picks_of_the_litter.exe in your game installation folder. To install, double-click setup-picks_of_the_litter.exe and follow the instructions on screen.

Please run setup-picks_of_the_litter.exe in your game folder to reinstall, uninstall or otherwise change components.

Mac OS X
If the mod was previously installed, uninstall it before extracting the new version. Please note that this mod is incompatible with Mod Organizer. Plasmocat's "Picks of the Litter" Portrait Pack is packaged and installed with WeiDU. To install, extract the contents of the mod into your game folder. If properly extracted, you should have a "picks_of_the_litter" folder, setup-picks_of_the_litter, and setup-picks_of_the_litter.command in your game installation folder. To install, double-click setup-picks_of_the_litter.command and follow the instructions on screen.

Extract the contents of the mod to the folder of the game you wish to modify. Download the latest version of WeiDU for Linux from and copy WeiDU and WeInstall to /usr/bin. Following that, open a terminal, cd to your BG2 installation directory, run 'tolower' and answer Y to both queries. You can avoid running the second option (linux.ini) if you've already ran it once in the same directory. To save time, the archive is already tolowered, so there's no need to run the first option (lowercasing file names) either if you've extracted only this mod since the last time you lower cased file name. If you're unsure, running tolower and choosing both options is the safe bet.
Run WeInstall picks_of_the_litter in your game folder to install the mod. Then run wine BGMain.exe and start playing.


These are some of my favorite portraits, many of which were commissioned for various mods and others which are just portraits I wanted to make from the photos of models I thought were interesting. Not all of my favorite edits are represented in this pack because I didn't include portraits which were manipulations of anime (with one exception) or were tweaks of other artists I did to suit my own character needs. I also didn't include non-humanoid characters -- such as the half-orc, the kobold, and the gibberling I've done -- mainly because I wanted to finish each of them out a little more in different ways and haven't found the time for them yet. Instead, I tried to stick to work I had done from photos of models, pieces of clothing/armor, and landscapes I found myself.

Previews of the portraits can be found in the portrait gallery

As always, thanks to all the people who have Beta'd for me and who have supported me with encouragement along the way. And thanks to all the people who have challenged me with interesting requests that made me really explore the limits of what I could do.

Mucho thanks and many beers for cmorgan for scripting this mod for me. I greatly appreciate your help.

Take care & enjoy!


Credits and Copyright Information

Disclaimer: I want to be clear that I do not claim to own copyright over any of the material I manipulated for these works. Those photographs and/or paintings remain the property of the original artists. Because of this I do not charge for my work or make any claims of proprietary rights over the material.

Further, if anyone sees a photo portion or a face they don't wish to be distributed, I'm more than happy to pull that portrait from release. If I knew the model or if the person commissioning the work knew the model, I've always asked permission before I shared their portraits publicly. The models whose permission I could get were obtained prior to the release of this mod, whether it was recently or at the time of the commission. However, if a model sees his or her face in this pack and changes his or her mind about wanting to be included, I have no problem removing the portrait after the fact. In any case, for the sake of privacy, I won't identify the models whether they are professional or not.

This mod was created to be freely enjoyed by all Baldur's Gate 1, 2, Tutu, and BGT players. However, it should not be sold, published, compiled or redistributed in any form without the consent of Plasmocat.

Version History

Version 2 - March 27th, 2008

Version 1 - September 18th, 2006