Sword Coast Stratagems II: Core Component

These components fix a few bugs in the game not already caught by the Fixpack; they also allow the computer to detect various effects. I strongly recommend that all of them are installed.

Initialise (Core component)

This component does various setup tasks needed by most other components in SCSII. You won't directly notice what it does, but it fixes a few bugs and extends the game's capabilities to allow the rest of SCSII to function correctly. (For experts: it installs Detectable Spells and (on Windows installs) ToBEx, makes magic items detectable, modifies weapons so that the script engine can detect their enchantment level, fixes the bugged Spell Shield spell, reconfigures area-effect spells so that Mirror Image doesn't block them, and prevents casting from being disrupted by zero-damage attacks.) (Advanced users who find my mods slightly too good at detecting items may wish to experiment with setting AI_Does_Not_Detect_Items to 1 in scsii/scsii.ini; this isn't recommended, though.)