Sword Coast Stratagems II: Additional Content Notes and Spoilers

Move Vhailor's Helm into Throne of Bhaal

Vhailor's Helm is now worn by Gromnir Il-Khan, who is not afraid to use it. (He'll use it whether you're confronting the unmodded or the Ascension versions of Gromnir.)

Move the Robe of Vecna into Throne of Bhaal

The Robe of Vecna is now worn by Azamantes, the lich guardian of the Seal of the Imprisoned One. If you install the Smarter Mages component, you will find that he has received a memo explaining that the Improved Alacrity spell has never been more fun...

Move the Cloak of Mirroring into Throne of Bhaal

The Cloak of Mirroring is now worn by the demilich of Watcher's Keep. (Don't ask me how a demilich can wear a cloak; according to 3rd edition Dungeons and Dragons, they can benefit from equipment even if they don't wear it.)

Improved fiends


  • Charm person, at will

Balors (cast at 24th level):

  • Stoneskin, Fire Storm, Implosion, once per day each.
  • Teleport without Error, Remove Magic, Telekinesis, Symbol: Stun, Symbol: Death, and Domination, all at will.
  • Permanently wreathed in flames (Fire Shield effect)

Balors will only use their Implosion power in Throne of Bhaal. All Balors now wield the vorpal swords that the Watchers' Keep Balors wield; but these have been modified so that they kill but don't chunk, and so that they allow a saving throw.

Bone Fiends (cast at 12th level):

  • Teleport without Error, Improved Invisibility, and Cone of Cold, all at will
  • Permanent Fear aura

Cornugons (cast at 17th level):

  • Teleport without Error, Remove Magic, and Lightning Bolt, all at will
  • Permanent Fear aura

Demon Knights (cast at 18th level):

  • 20d6 fireball, once per day
  • Power words: stun, blind, and kill, once per day each
  • Symbols of Death and Stun, once per day each
  • Remove Magic, twice per day
  • Dimension Door, three times per day

Erinyes (cast at 12th level):

  • Teleport without Error and become invisible, at will
  • Charm Person and Unholy Blight, at will
  • Protection from Magic Weapons, once per day

Glabrezus (cast at 17th level):

  • Teleport without Error, Mirror Image, and Remove Magic, at will
  • Power Word: Stun, Unholy Blight, and Confusion, all at will

Lesser Demon Lord (casts at 25th level):

  • True Sight and Teleport without Error, at will
  • Remove Magic and Breach, at will
  • Symbol: Stun, Domination, and Sunfire, at will
  • Wail of the Banshee, once per day

Mariliths (cast at 20th level):

  • Stoneskin, once per three rounds
  • Protection from Magic Weapons, once per five rounds
  • Cloudkill, once per three rounds
  • Animate Dead, once per three rounds
  • Remove Magic, Teleport without Error, and True Sight, at will
  • Blade Barrier and Telekinesis, at will

Maurezhi (cast at 10th level):

  • Improved Invisibility and Blur, once per day each
  • Protection from Magic Weapons, once per five rounds
  • Animate Dead, Hold Person, and Cloak of Fear, at will

Nabassus (cast at 12th level):

  • Powerful silence spell (-5 to saves) once per day
  • "Death gaze" (damaging gaze attack) automatically, once per round (in addition to other powers)
  • Teleport without Error, Paralysis and Vampiric Touch, all at will

Pit Fiends (cast at 24th level):

  • Teleport without Error, Remove Magic, and Improved Invisibility, at will
  • Meteor Swarm and Unholy Word, once per day each
  • 20d6 fireball and Symbol of Fear, at will
  • Permanent fear aura

Succubi (cast at 12th level):

  • Minor Spell Turning, once per day
  • Cure Critical Wounds (self only),Teleport without Error and become ethereal, at will
  • Charm person, at will

Chromatic Demon (cast at 28th level):

  • Remove Magic and Teleport without Error, at will.
  • Chain Lightning, Fireball, Cone of Cold, an acidic blob attack based on the acid blob trap, and an airburst attack based on the dragon's Wing Buffet, at will when in the appropriate form.

Demogorgon (cast at 30th level):

  • Initial Chain Contingency, containing Protection from Magic Weapons, Aura of Flaming Death, and Spell Turning.
  • Initial Contingency, containing Stoneskin.
  • Stoneskin, once per two rounds
  • Protection from Magic Weapons, once per six rounds
  • Summon demons, once per two rounds; doing so also partially heals him and restores his Magic Resistance
  • Storm of Vengeance and Dragon's Breath once per day
  • Implosion, once per 30 rounds
  • Earthquake, once per 20 rounds
  • True Sight, Death Spell, and Unholy Word, each once per six rounds
  • Finger of Death, Breach and Spell Strike, each once per 3 rounds
  • Dispel Magic and Teleport without Error, at will
  • Charm hostile demons, at will

In addition, Demogorgon has a gaze attack (either a charm or a confusion effect) which he can use each round in addition to his spells. My original version of Demogorgon also had a Time Stop usable once per day (as in Ascension) but I worried that this was too much; if you want to turn this back on, enter SetGlobal("DMWWDemogorgonTS","GLOBAL",1) at the console.

Smarter Beholders

The beholders can now use their telekinesis power to steal the Cloak of Mirroring and the Shield of Balduran. They don't do it in the first couple of rounds, then they have a 1/3 chance per round (per beholder). The idea isn't to make the items useless but to block the move of just giving them to one person and sending them in. If it annoys you, you can turn it off at the console: set DMWWDisableBeholderTheft to 1.

Give HLAs to mages and priests

If you install the "only selected" components, then the following creatures are affected:
ToB mages: Yaga-Shura's lieutenant; Sendai and her statues; the Skeleton Mage; the fire giant mages; Karun the Black; the Hell Trial form of Irenicus; Semaj; Draconis; Illasera (non-Ascension version); Iycanth the Mad; all named liches.
ToB priests: Yaga-Shura's lieutenant; Sendai and her statues; the Skeleton Priest; Nyalee; Berenn; Ameralis Zauviir.
SoA mages: Alchra Diagott; Suneer; Irenicus (all forms); Shangalar; the Shade Lich; the Elemental Lich; Layene; Kangaxx the Lich; Lagole Gon.
SoA priests: Matron Mother Ardulace, Stalman, Hindra Jae'llat

Improved Irenicus in Spellhold

The clones are now direct copies of the party.

Improved Irenicus in Hell

Irenicus originally splits into five copies:
  • The Dragon of Pride, basically a clone of the Shadow Dragon
  • The Orb of Fear, a beholder with some initial defensive buffs (Blade Barrier, Spell Turning, Fire Shields, Spell Immunity: Abjuration, and Protection from Magic Weapons) and with its central (antimagic) eye replaced by a ray that reduces Constitution. (The original one instead used randomly selected eyestalk powers from a list including basically every beholder-kin power in the game.)
  • The Wraith of Wrath, a magic-immune warrior whose blows drain 2 points of strength per hit
  • The Sword of Greed, an ultrapowerful, regenerating version of Mordenkainen's Sword whose blows drain 4 levels per hit and boost the Sword itself
  • Selfish Jon (not a name used in-game), a version of Irenicus who is a 25th level wizard with immunity to damaging magic and greatly improved casting time, and a new spell - "shatter magic" which is basically an ultrapowerful dispel. (The original version had permanent Improved Alacrity, but chose spells randomly from a list instead of getting a proper spell book.)

After that, you get an autosave, and (unless you set "DMWWIINoRest" to 1 at the console) everyone gets resurrected and healed. Then you get either the original Tactics 2nd and 3rd round (see that mod for details) or the SCSII standard Irenicus battle. Note that the Dragon, the Orb, and Selfish Jon only get SCSII scripting if you've installed the appropriate AI components (otherwise the original version is used).

In the original version, each of the fragments steals an item from you (the Dragon takes the Amulet of Power, the Orb takes the Shield of Balduran, the Wraith takes Crom Faeyr, the Sword takes Weimer's "Acid Kensai" sword, and Selfish Jon takes the Cloak of Mirroring). I find this a bit unrealistic so it's disabled by default; you can re-enable it by setting "DMWWIIStealStuff" to 1 at the console.

Also in the original version, on Insane difficulty the fragments all spawn allies - wraiths for the Wraith, beholders for the Orb, wyverns for the Dragon, Mordenkainen's Swords for the Sword, and liches for Selfish Jon. I tie this to a variable rather than the difficulty slider: it's off by default, but setting DMWWIISpawn to 2 enables all spawning and setting it to 1 enables all spawning except for liches.

Improved Watcher's Keep

The statues on level one are rearranged: a fighter becomes a thief, a random monster becomes a high-level mage, and an archer gets a proper archery script. Some random extra fiends are added to the teleport maze as random encounters for when you return to already-cleared areas. The two spellcasting glabrezu gain four brethren. The number of mind flayers in the lair on level four is greatly increased.

Improved Drow

The drow defenders of Ust Natha look like this:
  • Group A: disorganised raiders (about every five rounds)
    • Three L9 fighters, two L9 archers, a L12/12 fighter/mage
    • Two L9 fighters, two L9 archers
    • Four L9 fighters, two L9 archers, a L10 cleric
    • Four L9 fighters, a L11 mage
  • Group B: serious war-parties (every four rounds)
    Each party comprises six L9 fighters, four L9 archers, a L10 cleric, a L14 cleric, a L12/12 fighter/cleric, a L11 mage, and a L15 mage. There are four of these war-parties.
  • Group C: elite battlegroups (every ten rounds, with another Group B war-party between each battlegroup)
    • Four L9 fighters, three L17 mages
    • Four L9 fighters, two L12/12 fighter/clerics, a L18 cleric, a L18 mage, a glabrezu, and two nabassu
    • Two L11 mages, a L15 mage, a L22 mage, and four stone golems
    • Six L9 fighters, two L10 clerics, two L12/12 fighter/clerics, a L14 cleric, a L20 cleric, two balors and two glabrezu.
I will be favourably impressed if anyone beats that lot.

If you want a tough fight but something a little less hideous, set DMWWDrowCityLite to 1 (in which case after group A you'll get two group-B war parties and the third and fourth elite groups) or to 2 (in which case after group A you'll get a group-B war party and the first and second elite groups).

Improved Fire Giant Lair

Fire giants gain 2 HLAs and elites gain 5; both become Berserkers. Flaming Skulls become tougher and get access to Stoneskin and more powerful fireballs, and Burning Men get a dispel-magic attack; both get a smarter script. One of the groups of fire creatures behind the force fields is replaced by a group of Efreeti and a Fire Lich (a creature removed from the original game). Imix becomes tougher and gets a Greater Whirlwind ability. A red dragon of about Firkraag's strength joins the giants in the inner temple.

Improved Sendai's Enclave

Drow mages are raised to 16th level; drow priests are raised to 17th level and gain a Gate spell that summons a Balor (summoning Pit Fiends isn't appropriate for the chaotic evil drow). The random (and weak) drow spawns in the city region of the enclave are replaced by two war parties - one backed up by glabrezu, one by beholders. Odamaron gets two apprentices (one vampire, one lich) and two skeleton warriors. The pathetic illithid ambush is replaced by two battles: one with the vampiric illithids reinforced by three more illithids with umber-hulk guards, one with a three-stage illithid strike force consisting of human thralls, illithids, and ulitharids supported by umber hulks. Sendai's statues animate once per round whether or not the previous one is dead.

Improved Abazigal's Lair

The Earth Elementals are replaced by Lizard Men, as are the Salamanders. A strike force of baatezu (two pit fiends, four cornugons) attacks the party on their way back from collecting the Breath Potion. All eyes except the eagle eyes get better targetting; the sentinels now summon much tougher monsters (elementals, mordenkainen's swords, efreeti, and skeleton warriors). A strike force of tyrant golems (golem beholders; lots of HP and 100% MR) and undead beholders protects the entrance to Iycanth's sanctum.

More importantly, there are two new encounters with dragons. The bone fiend area where the Breath Potion is has been replaced with the lair of a yellow dragon (and L20-odd mage) who was ousted by Abazigal. You have to fight the dragon one way or another, but depending on how the conversation goes, it may not be to the death. There is a rather nice item available if you play nice, and the dragon's scales if you play nasty.

Part way through the lair, you'll have to return to town. On coming back, there will be a posse of dragons waiting for you: two black dragons, then a green dragon, and finally a red dragon.

The dragon encounters have (for a tactical mod) a reasonable amount of dialogue; I welcome feedback on it (and everything else, as usual.)

Improved minor encounters

  • The Twisted Rune's fighter Revanek gets some equipment (this is almost a bugfix) and Vaxall the beholder becomes an Elder Orb. (code borrowed from Quest Pack with thanks).
  • The Guarded Compound fighters become, respectively, a berserker and a barbarian, and the traps in the compound no longer affect the slavers.
  • Golems gain immunity to Lower Resistance
  • The Murderers who work with Irenicus are upgraded to 7th level thieves
  • A few extra creatures are added to the Druid Grove (code borrowed from Tactics with thanks)
  • Imix is now immune to his own traps
  • The Unseeing Eye guards are slightly tougher.
  • The elemental guardians of the Underdark portals are slightly tougher and have some magical abilities and some sidekicks.
  • The defenders of the temple of Talos (if you do the good cleric quest) have been upgraded: there are more Storm Knights and a temple mage, and the Knights are now cleric/fighters.
  • Nyalee gets a Mirror of Opposition that can make hostile copies of party members. The skeleton warriors in her area get the normal skeleton-warrior resistances.