Tools & Resources

The Gibberlings Three has a number of resources for players and modders to enhance their game and assist modding.

Cirerrek's IWD2 Scripting Info

Cirerrek has authored many AI scripts and, along the way, compiled a great deal of research on scripting triggers and actions. The IWD2 scripting information (text file) is a compilation of information gleaned from the engine and a number of online resources. IE Trigger and Action research is a comparison of the scripting capabilities of the five implementations of the Infinity Engine, with the goal of seeing where they overlap and where they may be hidden functionality available in engines unknown to modders. It is available as two spreadsheets (.xls file), comparing actions and triggers.


The DragonLance Total Conversion Editor Pro ( DLTCEP ) is an unofficial game file editor/checker/browser for Infinity Engine games. Though the project is open source and hosted at Sourceforge, data file updates and technical support are available in the forums.

G3 Debugging Suite

In the course of BG2 Fixpack development, several errors kept cropping up repeatedly--so much so that it became time-efficient to write some automated checking tools. With some polish, these tools are now ready to be released independently so that modders can use them to diagnose issues in their own mods. The Debugging Suite is designed to work with Baldur's Gate II with or without the Throne of Bhaal expansion pack. Note that the suite doesn't actually alter any game files and leaves no entry in the WeiDU log, so that it can be used at any point in the install order, as many times as needed. If there is interest for the Suite on other platforms (BG, IWD, etc.) it can be developed. For the most part, the file formats are the same so certain components may work on non-BG2 variants of the Infinity Engine, though I may not be able to actively support them.


GemRB is an open-source port of the original Infinity Engine to Linux/Unix, Mac OS X and Windows with some enhancements. The project, written in C++ and Python and available under the GPL, is currently at alpha and is being developed on Sourceforge. G3 is pleased to host the forums for the project, so feel free to contribute, discuss, and learn more about the project both here at G3 and at Sourceforge.

How-Tos and Tutorials Forum

G3 has a number of tutorials and how-to articles available, both by our resident modders and visitors. The list of available articles is pinned at the top of the forum. Each tutorial also has a related discussion thread, for suggestions and questions about the information covered in the tutorials.


The Infinity Engine Structures Description Project (IESDP) is an effort to research the workings of the BioWare Infinity Engine, and act as a collective resource for those interested in such workings. The IESDP contains a complete listing of spell opcodes and parameters; scripting triggers and actions; lists of game resources; file formats; and much, much more. The IESDP also has a forum on G3 for updates and new research.

igi's Utilities

igi has written a number of tools, featured on his site.

Modding Q&A Forum

G3 also features a forum dedicated for modders to ask questions of our resident modders and community. Both beginners and experienced modders can learn a great deal by asking, reading, and participating in the questions and discussions.

Multi-Install Tool

The multi-install tool is a program that allows side-by-side installs of Baldur's Gate II at a minimal size. This can be useful for players as it allows them to have different mods on different installs (i.e. a Tutu install side-by-side with a plain BG2 game). Modders can easily create multiple installs for testing mods.

WeiDU Highlighters

Put together by cmorgan, these highlighters can be used in the ConTEXT Programmers Editor, Crimson Editor, or TextPad. They highlight WeiDU syntax for easier coding and debugging. They work for tp2 (and the various libraries that use tp2 coding) as well as scripts and dialogue code. You can view the readme or download the package.

Widescreen Mod

The Widescreen Mod allows Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal to be played at previously unsupported resolutions, like those of widescreen monitors. The project is currently an open beta, and only some engine variants are supported, those these will expand in future releases (maybe also expanding to standalone SoA, or the IWD series).


While the modders at G3 are always happy to respond to emails and personal messages, we find it's more beneficial to ask questions and have discussions on the forums so that more people can contribute and participate.