Cam's Utilities

These tools were originally developed to help with other mods.

BG2 Creature Inventory Checker

This utility was something I developed while working on the BG2 Fixpack. Near Infinity has some excellent debugging tools which were used as a first pass in corrections to creature files. However, after running (and correcting) the couple hundred errors that turned up, I found there was no tool for finding, say, creatures with a weapon in their weapon slot but not equipped, or a creature with armor in a shield slot, and a number of other miscellaneous errors I wanted to correct.

IWD to BG2 Opcode Utility

This utility was something I wrote to assist in converting Icewind Dale spells to Baldur's Gate II for the Divine Remix mod. It is not intended to convert spells, but rather to make a first pass in spell conversion to eliminate a lot of manual work when importing spells from IWD. The utility focuses on opcodes and their parameters, leaving other tasks (such as projectiles, graphics, etc.) to the modder.